Why Don’t They Make Maternity Clothes

Why should not they create maternity clothes for mothers that are younger? Why should not they create clothes for moms? I suppose I wasn’t about women, or women having kids, in the past to understand that nobody enjoys maternity clothes. My parents had me and my brother if they were young so I could remember her if she was 25 ish, and that I dressed as a standard 25 years old could. And out of pictures, it seems like she wore sweats and big t-shirts while pregnant since she had the funds to purchase real maternity clothes.

 I thought the clothes that shops sell are the clothes that girls wish to wear, so it is great to know it is not only me who thinks they look. In case you don’t wish to shop that is the internet, I found ok black/colored leggings in some places, do them in the store. I wore them using extended stretchy vest shirts a couple of sizes up to and down jumpers (spring weather once I was 5-8 weeks ) or rather baggyish cropped jumpers that fitted on the bulge / relaxed on the bulge.

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Why Don't They Make Maternity Clothes

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