Hit Fashion Trends Of 2020

As the year slowly draws towards an end, it is time to look back and evaluate what topped the fashion charts this year and stood out as the undoubted hits. Some old trends revived again this year with a contemporary touch, and some new colours cropped up on the trending list. Many of these trends are expected to continue to remain in 2020 too. And in case you are just thinking to fill your carts with the best of 2020, here’s a shortlist to go through. Also, remember to use Hot oz coupons Coupon code for the best shopping experience.

  •  Top colours of the year

The colours that ruled this year are the soft pastel, powdery and sorbet shades. Colours like ballet pink, lilac, coral, lavender, pastel yellow, and creamy tan. These colours defined the elegant springs as well as the summer months and helped to stay calm and classy. Colours like nude pressed rose, peach, salmon, and lavender could dominate both as viable options for the day as well as for evening dresses. The summer fashion also saw a lot of tangerines, turmeric, and mango shades for a glamorously bright look. These are some of the must-have shades if you are following the hit trends of 2020.

  • Animal prints

This year it was time to revive the bold animal prints. This happening street style became a hot favourite in the fashion world and appeared on dresses, suits, pants, blazers, and jackets. Leopard prints have always been an ‘in thing,’ and this year too it rolled back into the hottest trends. You can grab a leopard print jumpsuit for the bold and carefree days.

  • Patchwork

has been hugely in fashion this year and spotted both on the streets as well as on the ramp. Patchwork dresses, pants, blazers, and jumpsuits have set new trends as the colourful and vibrant look is exciting. The contrasting pieces sewn together offer a striking look that stands out on its own. Team up a patchwork blazer or pants with a solid, monochrome shirt and see the magic.

  • Shorts and Blazers

Can be made quite lively and interesting with this chic and casual trend that has been doing the rounds this year. Teaming up bright and patterned blazers with biker shorts can make way for some beautiful autumn days. This is one out-of-the-box mix and match that has soared up high on the charts this year and is sure to stay for long.

  • Puffed shoulders

80’s fashion made a comeback this year and was seen very frequently in dresses, shirts, and blouses. Try a puffed sleeved dress or top with subtle bottoms and accessories to make it stand out in a dashing way.

  • Boiler suits

You can’t have enough of jumpsuits for the sheer comfort they provide but still want to experiment a bit, go for boiler suits. This trend has stood out this year as chic and bold while being cosy for all seasons. The boiler suits look like long-sleeved jumpsuits and are available in solid shades as well as patterns and prints. Choose one in trending colours and be ready to take on the world.

  • Neo-Gothic-

It has never ever gone out of fashion, and this year too, the neo-Gothic look has been in trend. Try the dark mood with an overall black ensemble and redden your lips for the touch of sensuousness.