Few Favourable Sex Positions Meant For Enjoying With Trans Women

Most commonly preferred position usually is doggy style with all girly girls but there are few more positions to have fun with the trans woman.

Always, variety can be sexy and hence better try to change the position whether you are just alone with the toys or with any shemale in the City of Love.

  1. The traditional missionary

Most popular sex position where she will lie on her back and keep her legs wide open and he will be over her, face-to-face, supporting his whole weight on his arms.

He can have eye contact with her, kiss her and talk all thorough out. The shemale can also know about her feminine side.

  1. Sissy on top

Men love it when woman will take charge. Here man will be lying on his back, she will lie on him face-to-face by extending her legs.

There will be plenty of body-to-body contact and she needs to control the speed as the act progresses.

  1. The tabletop

This can be tried outside the bedroom. She will lie on any chosen flat surface at his thigh height keeping her legs above at 90ᵒ in the air. He will lean against her legs and slip his penis head between her legs and keep on stroking.

  1. The spoon

Another very intimate position where she will lie on any of her side and he will spoon around her body from behind. She will draw her knees up and also open her thighs and he will take her from behind.

Also, he can whisper something sweet in her ear.

  1. Doggy-style

This is another very popular sex position the way dog fucks his bitch. She will kneel on her fours by keeping legs parted and he will kneel on her from behind while holding her hips.

Men always love this position as he feels very powerful and see what is going on in front of him.

  1. The lap-dance

You will need an armless chair to do this act.  He will sit on the chair keeping his legs together and she will open her legs and sit on his lap. She must jump up and down on his lap and enjoy the sex.

  1. The quickie

If she is wearing a skirt, then she can do it very easily without removing her dress. Often you may see in the movies it is done in the kitchen counter or on washing machine.

Here she will sit on the surface which is about the height of his pelvis. He will stand in front of her and she will wrap her leg around his back.

  1. The rocker

Doing sex in standing position can be very demanding but passionate. Both of you should be horny enough to do this act.

Here he will stand by keeping his back on the wall. His knees will be slightly bent. She needs to position her hole onto him by supporting her on his shoulder.

This position is quite rough because cock will go very deep inside her hole and she need to adjust her position so that his cock is fully inside her to feel comfortable.